The "Rattenfängerhotel Berkeler Warte" is your hotel specialist for bus groups and individual groups by car, motorbike or bicycle!

Also, we would like to satisfy the special individual needs of our guests (e.g. underground room, smoking or non-smoking rooms, single rooms, double beds or two separate beds). If you have some special preferences and diets, please let us know, so we can inform our chef in the kitchen.

Our "Rattenfänger", which can be dated from 1284 in the legend, is situated in our hall. For breakfast to dinner, of course you can sit and enjoy yourself in our restaurant or hall.

The breakfast with a lot of choices is served in buffet. Also on Sunday we offer fresh bread from the bakery.

The tour guide can change the dining time shortly, if your travel group will return earlier or later to the "Rattenfängerhotel" than planed before.